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This online piano guide underlines the many advantages of piano playing and provides a wealth of purchase tips.

Moderator and Vario silent system for playing quietly

Moderator for a softer sound

On an acoustic piano, pressing the middle pedal causes a felt bar called the “moderator” to be inserted between the strings and the hammers, so that the piano’s sound is quieter and duller.


Insulated caster cups

The sound of an upright or grand piano is transmitted via the casters through the floor to the walls and then the ceiling. Inserting insulated cups under the casters is a simple way to make a piano quieter.

C. Bechstein Vario silent system

Various types of silent systems have been developed for acoustic upright and grand pianos. They stop the hammerheads and render digitalized sound samples, so that you can play night and day without disturbing anyone. For professional pianists, too, who practice for hours on end, such a device is the optimum accessory.

There are various levels of quality among the silent systems available on the market. Poor quality sensors or an unstable mute rail can impair the touch and generate noise. There are also great differences with regard to ease of use and the sound rendered by the various silent systems.

The C. Bechstein Vario silent system is a top-class mute that provides your acoustic piano with all the advantages of a digital instrument. You continue to enjoy the remarkably precise Bechstein action, but the mute rail stops the hammerheads before they hit the strings.

State-of-the-art optical sensors placed below the keys record all nuances of your play without altering it.

Ultimately, sound samples recorded on a C. Bechstein D 282 concert grand piano render the notes in exquisite quality over a headset.

Rendering of all pedal movements

The C. Bechstein Vario system even renders the movements of all pedals, including the sostenuto pedal on upright pianos.

An intuitive touchscreen within easy reach while you’re playing makes the C. Bechstein Vario system extremely user-friendly. Moreover, the device comes with a wealth of configuration features that can be stored very easily.

Last but not least, the MIDI socket on the C. Bechstein Vario system enables you to control computer or tablet applications while still enjoying the excellent touch delivered by the C. Bechstein action assembly.

Software updates

Electronic devices change every day, while C. Bechstein pianos are made to meet the requirements of several generations of players. That’s why we ensure that you can keep up with the latest developments through updates and upgrades for your C. Bechstein Vario system. The Vario mute is available as an option for all current instruments of the various C. Bechstein brands, either ex factory or as a retrofit.

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