Blending two worlds of state-of-the-art acoustic and digital pianos.

The new C. Bechstein VARIO digital system enhances your acoustic piano with the features of a digital instrument. You can mute your piano, listen to yourself playing on headphones, record audio files, and share them with your family and friends.

Silence whenever you want it

Sometimes you would like to play all by yourself, or play at night without disturbing your neighbors. This is made possible by the premium C. Bechstein interposing hammer bar, compatible with every model of upright and grand. Mute your instrument in the blink of an eye and enjoy your music on headphones.

The sound of a masterpiece

Enjoy the digitized voice of the best C. Bechstein concert grand pianos on headphones. The high-quality sampled sound stands out for its purity across the entire dynamic range, making individual notes tangible.

The system features two headphones jacks, so you can play silently in duet or have a friend or teacher listen to your play.

Digital functions

The VARIO app enables you to adjust various settings (reverb algorithm, key sensitivity, favorite sounds) to your personal taste. Moreover, you can establish a Bluetooth or USB-C connection to music apps running on your smartphone, tablet or notebook.

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Studio S 2 VARIO

The smallest hybrid piano in the Zimmermann Studio line.

The Zimmermann Studio upright and grand pianos are made for you, if you are in search of an affordable instrument but not ready to compromise on quality. The Studio S 2 model sets new standards in the entry-level class and is sold at a pleasingly low price. It is also available in the hybrid version, i.e. equipped with a factory-installed VARIO digital system.

To the studio S2 VARIO

Great experience with every note

An easy-to-use technology for recording music and sharing it with your friends.

Connect your piano to a smartphone, tablet or PC over Bluetooth or USB-C and enjoy a wealth of creative apps that provide a new dimension to your music. The VARIO app, a central component of the VARIO experience, stands out for its intuitive use. It offers a wide range of possibilities, including a recording and sharing function on iOS and iPadOS devices.

The VARIO app runs on iOS/iPadOS and Android. Please check the hardware and software requirements on the VARIO page of the Bechstein Digital website. MIDI functions are available independently of the VARIO app for all mobile and desktop operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux).

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