Upright & grand pianos


W. Hoffmann

Fabulous upright and grand pianos for beginners and professional pianists. Made in Europe by C. Bechstein.


Professional P 206

A professional grand, a serene musical partner with a distinctive personality.


Professional P 188

A powerful grand piano with a beautiful sound, made of the finest materials.


Professional P 162

A compact, professional grand piano of good quality produced in the heart of Europe.


Professional P 126

A differentiated sound and an outstanding touch. Your partner for chamber music.


Professional P 120

A professional touch for demanding piano players. Quality acoustic assembly with agraffes.


Professional P 114

A compact instrument for demanding piano players. Modest height, surprising sound volume, fabulous depth of sound.


Tradition T 186

An instrument for demanding piano players: precise action and a powerful, well-balanced sound.


Tradition T 177

Harmonious sound profile and powerful sound volume.


Tradition T 161

Harmonious proportions, a beautiful timbre and a pleasant touch for your playing pleasure.


Tradition T 128

Powerful and romantic sound. Sensitive touch. For quality-conscious piano players.


Tradition T 122

Powerful and balanced voice, very pleasant touch, careful manufacturing. A good long-term investment.


Vision V 183

A deep resonance, subtle action and powerful, balanced sound.


Vision V 175

Quality materials, stringent quality controls, a piano individually voiced by “hand and ear”.


Vision V 158

A powerful baby grand piano with responsive action assembly and trademark European sound.


Vision V 8

Powerful sound and excellent touch rooted in the tradition of German concert pianos.


Vision V 126

Powerful sound and subtle nuances. Acoustic assembly provided with agraffes.


Vision V 120

A carefully honed design, brilliant sound and pleasant touch.


Vision V 2

The small piano for big ideas. The new entry point into the W.Hoffmann world. Made in Europe, of course.

W. Hoffmann Professional

This high-quality, yet affordable line meets the demands of professional pianists. The instruments were developed in Germany by C. Bechstein’s R&D department and are made in the Czech Republic by C. Bechstein Europe. The durability, impressive power, beautiful voice and exquisite design of these pianos make them really irresistible.

W. Hoffmann Tradition

Excellent European quality with many characteristics of the traditional art of German piano-making. European sound and sophisticated action. All production steps, down to the hand voicing of the hammers, are performed by the piano-makers of C. Bechstein Europe in the Czech Republic.

W.Hoffmann Vision

These quality pianos at affordable prices are made using highly modern production processes. Their persuasive European qualities include an impeccable touch and a nuanced voice. The W. Hoffmann Vision instruments are made in Europe and offer good value for money.

Piano guide

This online piano guide underlines the many advantages of piano playing and provides a wealth of purchase tips.