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Professional repairing, refurbishing and restoration of pianos of all prime brands and prime manufacturers

The Latin word renovare can be translated as “renew,” “reconstruct,” and even “refresh” or “rejuvenate.” It is perfectly suited to describe the work performed every day at C. Bechstein Renovation, where aging grand pianos are given a second life by experienced specialists.

If you would like to have your piano repaired and refurbished, you can entrust it to the experts of the C. Bechstein Renovation department located in Hrádec Králové, Czech Republic, who will make it look and sound as good as new. C. Bechstein has been creating unique upright and grand pianos since 1853, and all the expertise gained in over a century and a half naturally goes into the renovation of your cherished musical companion.

You want to purchase a refurbished historical instrument?

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C. Bechstein B 203 from 1910
C. Bechstein B 203 from 1910
C. Bechstein Modell A from 1904
C. Bechstein Modell A from 1904
C. Bechstein Modell V from 1898
C. Bechstein Modell V from 1898
C. Bechstein B 203 Sheraton from 1916
C. Bechstein B 203 Sheraton from 1916
C. Bechstein Modell V from 1898
C. Bechstein Modell V from 1898
Steinway & Sons A 188 from 1983
Steinway & Sons A 188 from 1983

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Careful refurbishment of beloved pianos with historical backgrounds

Some of the “patients” at the C. Bechstein Renovation workshops are more than one hundred years old. They have accompanied their owners through good and perhaps also hard times, in many cases staying in the same family for generations. People become attached to such instruments, imbuing them with immeasurable sentimental value. And it’s no wonder — anyone who has played just once on such a wonderful old and now refurbished grand piano is instantly captured in the enchantment of its unique, vintage voice.

What is the difference between restoring and renovating a piano?

Strictly speaking, only historical components and materials may be used for restoring a piano. C. Bechstein Renovation takes it a step further: Our pianomakers take advantage of the restoration to renew individual components as well, when this is necessary for the instrument’s sound and its precise touch. Modern replacement parts generally improve both quality and durability, so that your renovated upright or grand piano sounds and plays better than ever.

Analysis is the first step in a successful piano restauration

A careful analysis is the first step in a successful restoration: How is the instrument’s sound, how is its touch? Has the wood been damaged? What about the action assembly? In what condition is the finish on the surface of your musical gem?

This preliminary operation requires that a qualified pianomaker or service technician checks your instrument. Such an estimation cannot be made from a distance, for example just working from photographs. To know the exact extent of the renovation work needed, the instrument must be played and its inner workings closely examined.

How much will the renovation or restoration cost?

Before the work begins, you will receive a detailed estimate of the cost, listing all of the recommended procedures. The decisive factors in estimating the price of renovation are the age of your instrument and the condition of the case, the action and the acoustic assembly. The smaller tasks can be completed rapidly, while others can take considerable time. The total amount of time required will of course affect the price.

You personally decide upon the extent of repairs and restoration work to be carried out, based on our recommendations of which measures are urgently required to rejuvenate your aging instrument.

Naturally we also provide a certificate listing the work performed, as well as a guarantee. This is useful if you sell the instrument later — you can show the buyer what qualified and thus value-maintaining repairs have been made.

Range of services offered by C. Bechstein Renovation for all brands and manufacturers

From repair of the acoustic assembly to overhaul of the action including keyboard and hammerheads, to a comprehensive refurbishment of the case – the experts at C. Bechstein Renovation can perform whatever work your instrument needs. The following are just a few examples of the comprehensive repair services we offer:

Acoustic assembly

◉ Repair of the cast-iron frame, including a new coat of paint

◉ Repair of a cracked soundboard by inserting shims; if repair is not possible, a new soundboard will be made and varnished

◉ Repair of cracked bridges and manufacture of new bridge tops

◉ New strings and new tuning pins (improved sound quality and tuning stability)

and much more …


Action assembly

◉ Repair of all keyboard parts together with replacement of the bushing felts and key coating

◉ Replacement of the hammerheads and other action parts

◉ Voicing of the hammerheads and precise regulation of the complete action assembly

and much more …


Repair and refinishing of the case

◉ All cabinetry work including refurbishment of the veneer

◉ Refinishing, either satin or high-gloss finish

and much more …

Make sure your piano workshop is reliable

Did you know that there are only a few qualified workshops in the entire world that you can entrust with the renovation of your piano? Only a certified workshop staffed by expert technicians and equipped with the required tools and machinery will be able to restore your piano so that it delivers the excellent sound and touch that you are expecting for decades to come.

The C. Bechstein Renovation workshop has cabinetmakers and pianomakers with years of experience in the restoration of high quality instruments and state-of-the-art equipment for expert refurbishment of grand pianos.

Masterpieces shine in new splendor

New surface finish – and your old grand piano looks like new!

Having your upright or grand piano restored may be the perfect opportunity to renew the surface finish, since your instrument is a key element of your interior design. Talk to us about your ideas and preferences for your piano’s appearance and ask about the respective advantages of high-gloss and satin finish. We have everything needed for carefully restoring the case of your piano, or even to apply a brand new finish in premium quality.

In addition to customer commissions, C. Bechstein Renovation also restores pianos from among its own inventory and then offers them for sale.


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