C. Bechstein Connect

The acoustic piano - enriched by all the possibilities of a digital piano

Our grand and upright pianos open the door to a limitless world of creative apps and music software and let you connect to music production, notation and e-learning applications from both C. Bechstein and third-party providers. How it works? State-of-the-art optical sensor technology accurately captures your playing without disturbing your playing experience and translates it into MIDI signals. Easily connect your smartphone, tablet or notebook to your piano or grand piano wirelessly via Bluetooth and instantly unlock all new digital features. The C. Bechstein Connect is factory installed in all W. Hoffmann Tradition and Professional as well as all C. Bechstein instruments delivered since November 2023.



Connect with your favorite DAW such as Logic, Ableton, Cubase and many more thanks to C. Bechstein Connect. Record your playing and share it with friends and family and let them participate in your playing. Experiment with your favored plugins, loops and samples and dive into the production of your next hit record.


C. Bechstein transforms your piano into a master keyboard. Connect your piano to notation software such as Sibelius, Dorico or Finale and transcribe your playing in real time. Compose piano concertos, symphonies for whole orchestras or individual pieces for a multitude of instruments with absolute ease.


C. Bechstein Connect translates your playing in musical instruments universal language: MIDI. Instantly connect to thousands of sample libraries like the Vienna Symphonic Library or virtual instruments like EastWest’s Bechstein D280 Platinum - the piano heard on countless Gold and Platinum status recordings. Or discover our very own C. Bechstein Digital Grand Library for Native Instrument's KONTAKT.


C. Bechstein Connect and doozzoo (by C. Bechstein) are made for each other. Our e-learning platform enables music teachers to elevate their students learning experience. Thanks to C. Bechstein Connect, doozzoo visualizes played notes as chords or on a virtual keyboard, enabling an optimized learning experience on location or even vie distance learning.