Upright & grand pianos


C. Bechstein Concert

Fabulous masterpieces for the highest demands, the ideal sound of many pianists worldwide. The perfect action renders every nuance. Unsurpassed excellence.


Concert D 282

A concert grand piano of superlatives, provided with a fantastic sound and a perfect action.


Concert C 234

Wonderful power and dynamics. High-precision action.


Concert B 212

Noble voice and professional touch. The standard for pros and your own music room.


Concert A 192 (M/P 192)

Finest nuances, outstanding action, wonderfully colored voice. A breath-taking parlor grand.


C. Bechstein Academy

Top-quality grand pianos made in Germany. Become part of the Bechstein legend!


Academy A 228

A powerful semi-concert grand piano. Great sound volume, technical perfection and impressive reserves.


Academy A 208

A wonderful professional parlor grand piano for private music rooms and small concert halls.


Academy A 190

Exceptionally clear and richly nuanced voice. Pleasant touch. Entices you to play.


Academy A 175

An excellent mid-sized instrument that even demanding music lovers enjoy playing.


W. Hoffmann

Fabulous grand pianos for beginners and professional pianists. Made in Europe by C. Bechstein.


Professional P 206

A professional grand, a serene musical partner with a distinctive personality.


Professional P 188

A powerful grand piano with a beautiful sound, made of the finest materials.


Professional P 162

A compact, professional grand piano of good quality produced in the heart of Europe.


Tradition T 186

An instrument for demanding piano players: precise action and a powerful, well-balanced sound.



Instruments for those who want to enter the world of grand piano without compromising on quality. A new standard for beginner grand pianos at surprisingly affordable prices.


Studio S 160

A small, charming baby grand piano with full timbre and melodious charisma.


Z 175 Standard

A mid-sized grand piano with a pleasant touch and an exemplary processing.


Z 185 Standard

A sturdy and particularly affordable parlor grand piano for demanding players.


Studio S 160 VARIO

A small, charming baby grand piano with full timbre and melodious charisma – with the VARIO digital system and mute function.

Piano guide

This online piano guide underlines the many advantages of piano playing and provides a wealth of purchase tips.