Tradition T 186 Tradition T 186 W.Hoffmann W.Hoffmann 60.2'' / 153 cm cm 6'1'' / 186 cm cm 688 lbs / 312 cm W.Hoffmann Tradition T 186: a parlor grand piano with a wide sound spectrum and a pleasant touch, traditionally manufactured by C. Bechstein Europe. new Grand piano

Tradition T 186

W.Hoffmann Tradition

An instrument for demanding piano players: precise action and a powerful, well-balanced sound.

Tradition T 186

W.Hoffmann Tradition

An instrument for demanding piano players: precise action and a powerful, well-balanced sound.


W.Hoffmann T 186: your dream of a grand comes true

The largest parlor grand piano within the successful Tradition series, the W.Hoffmann T 186 model embodies the coveted European acoustic quality. Its well-balanced, durably pleasant and richly colored voice stems from the “C. Bechstein genes” found in all series – a quality that’s rooted in the great German tradition of piano-making.


Piano-making enjoys a long tradition in the region

C. Bechstein Europe’s Czech production site is unique on the continent. Its 150 skilled employees work in recently refurbished halls equipped with state-of-the-art technology and make every grand using production processes that combine craftsmanship and innovative methods. Such ideal manufacturing conditions strongly contrast with the situation at the facilities of other European manufacturers, let alone that of non-European mass-producers.


A parlor grand piano of good stock

The action of the W.Hoffmann T 186 parlor grand piano boasts a wide dynamic range and is therefore just the ticket for any type of interpretation. The entire instrument is made in the Czech Republic by C. Bechstein Europe specialists, who even voice the hammerheads manually. Try out and compare the touch, sound and processing of this parlor grand and you’ll immediately notice that it delivers incomparable value for money.

Take a guided tour of the Hradec Králové production site and discover the staff’s special flair for the European tradition! C. Bechstein Europe’s well-trained specialists know how to make a parlor grand piano with a pleasant sound, simply because piano-making enjoys a long tradition in the region. The staff was involved in the development of the production site and is proud to contribute to the success of the company.

The Sound of Europe

Fabulous upright and grand pianos for beginners and professional pianists. Made in Europe by C. Bechstein.


W.Hoffmann Tradition Line

Back frame
Solid braces made of medium-density pinewood
Soundboard and ribs
High-quality spruce grown in the Alps and carefully crafted
European beech
Beech multiplex
Iron frame
Cast in high-density sand
Steel wrapped with copper (German quality, 99% purity)
Massive spruce and medium-density fibreboard
For a clearer sound
Action assembly
Precise and reliable action that meets the C. Bechstein standards
C. Bechstein hammerheads with mahogany molding, warm European tone

Tradition T 186 Dimensions

Dimensions   60.2'' / 153 cm ×  6'1'' / 186 cm   Weight   688 lbs / 312 kg
W.Hoffmann Tradition T 186


W.Hoffmann Tradition T 186
C. Bechstein Europe

The Sound of Europe


C. Bechstein Europe is a company with a unique production site, characterised by the attention to detail and the excellence of German engineering, that is rooted in European culture and intends to deliver to all pianists the ideal musical partner they are looking for.


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