The C. Bechstein Technicians' Academy

The C. Bechstein Technicians' Academy offers customized and targeted training to associated technicians.

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As a manufacturer of high-end grand and upright pianos, having a worldwide network of expert service partners has always been a matter of the heart for C. Bechstein.

Within the C. Bechstein Technicians Academy C. Bechstein offers customized and targeted training to associated technicians. The aim is to optimize technical expertise in servicing grand and upright pianos in global network of partners and associated technicians.


Training subjects

The workshops concentrate on the training subjects which are of most importance for the service

- Tuning and voicing
- Touch of grand pianos and upright pianos
- Tonal performance of grand pianos and upright pianos
- Concert service
- Grand piano dampers and sostenuto
- Inside the Vario System (installation and service)
- Lacquer finishes/ (repair & care)


Individual training

Even technicians who have worked in the field of customer service as well as concert service will find an opportunity to improve their skills and to refine and stabilize their technique. In exchange with C. Bechstein master piano makers, concert technicians and skilled specialists, participants will receive valuable advice for everyday service work.

Training in the academy includes a factory tour, multiple additional information and convivial casual evenings either in restaurants or the cozy C. Bechstein Barbecue lodge with time to talk and exchange



The C. Bechstein Technicians Academy is part of the C. Bechstein manufactory in Seifhennersdorf, however training can also partly be held in Berlin, as well as in the C. Bechstein Europe manufacturing site in Hradec Králové.


Duration of training

You can choose between:

- C. Bechstein Weekends
- 2 to 5-days training
- one week training
- several weeks training


2 - 3 days / Weekend  = 1.135 €

1 week = 1.453 €

2 weeks = 2.615 €

3 weeks = 3.488 €

4 weeks = 4.068 €

8 weeks = 6.976 €

12 weeks = 8.720 €     

Combi offer:                            

1 week + Weekend = 2.031 €

2 weeks + Weekend = 3.195 €                

Prices exclude VAT but include the following: Accommodation, breakfast and lunch in the factory, with full board at weekends. Prices and content subject to change.


Next dates

May 31 - June 2, 2024
October 11 - October 13, 2024

Who can apply?

The C. Bechstein Technicians Academy mainly addresses itself to piano technicians of our international dealer network, as well as freelance technicians working for our partners. Languages spoken are English and German only. Alternatively you could bring a qualified collegue who could translate. Currently we cannot provide training in any other language ourselves.

For detailed information as well as fees please turn to Please apply for training both for the Academy or the C. Bechstein Weekends at least 4 weeks prior to the requested training schedule:

Flyer for Technicians' Academy
Flyer for Technicians' Academy
C. Bechstein Weekends
C. Bechstein Weekends

Photos of technician training workshops

C. Bechstein Weekends

We invite associated piano technicians to our C. Bechstein Weekends. C. Bechstein Weekends offer vivid exchange of experience and targeted training, supported by our master piano technicians. During the training period from Friday morning till Sunday afternoon, high-quality C. Bechstein instruments will be available for your exercises. You don’t have to leave your shop/work for longer.

You can chose the subject for your 2½ days (16 hours) intensive training yourself.


Training subjects


Tonal performance of grand and upright pianos

Tuning and voicing of C. Bechstein instruments. You can choose between voicing of grand pianos and upright pianos.


Touch of grand and upright pianos

Regulation of grand piano or upright piano keyboard and action assemblies including advice how to modify touch. You can choose between regulation of grand pianos and upright pianos.


Grand piano dampers and sostenuto

Installation and adjustment of grand piano dampers, damper guide rail, damper action, damper stop rail, pedals and sostenuto.


Inside the Vario system (installation and service)

Assembly, installation and service of the stop railand electronic components, including service and troubleshooting for prior Vario systems.


Concert service

Everything you should consider regarding concert service. Each encounter with pianists can become a new, positive experience. Benefit from our concert technicians expertise and indulge in all aspects of concert service.


Lacquer finishes

Repair and maintenance of cabinets with satin and polished polyester finishes.

Training facility

The C. Bechstein manufactory in Seifhennersdorf / Saxony

Your contact at the Technicians' Academy

Katrin Schmidt
Katrin Schmidt
Service Director
Katrin Schmidt
C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik AG