Maintenance and care

Importance of maintenance and care

C. Bechstein pianos are made primarily of high-quality natural materials, which of course react to climatic conditions, whereby both the sound and touch of the instrument may be negatively affected. Fluctuations in humidity, for example, affect the crown of the soundboard, which in turns alters the tension on the strings. The normal mechanical wear can also affect your piano’s sound and touch.

Lasting playing pleasure

Qualified maintenance preserves your piano’s sound and touch. A well-tuned, well-regulated, well-voiced piano will ensure lasting pleasure for both you and those who listen to you playing.

Regular maintenance: a warranty condition

Thanks to the Six Sigma quality management system, warranty claims come to just 0.1% of our annual revenues, so that we’re proud to offer you a five-year warranty on every piano. This warranty entails certain conditions, however, including regular care and maintenance. Please read the warranty booklet supplied with your instrument for further information.

Value-preserving maintenance

Regular maintenance of your upright or grand piano (tuning, voicing and regulation of the action) is essential for preserving the value of your instrument. The maintenance work not only optimizes various factors (touch, pitch, volume and tone color), but also includes care of both the case and the acoustic assembly. Treat your piano to regular servicing by an authorized C. Bechstein technician. This will preserve both the value of your instrument and your own playing pleasure.

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