Maintenance and care

Action assembly regulation

The action assembly of your piano is made up of several thousand parts that are heavily stressed every time you play. Therefore, the overall condition of the action changes more or less over time, depending on the stress level. Regulation of the action is necessary from time to time to maintain a precise and pleasant touch. However, you should only entrust an experienced technician or piano-maker with the work, as your piano’s action is a highly complex and subtle assembly.

The advantages of the C. Bechstein action assembly

The C. Bechstein action assembly is famous for its wonderfully pleasant and precise touch. Its perfection enables you to effortlessly achieve all of the tonal nuances and tints. The C. Bechstein action is made exclusively of high-quality natural materials and precision metal parts. Of course, the action assemblies in the various brands made by the C. Bechstein group boast different levels of excellence, and the action of a piano within the Masterpiece class can produce more subtle nuances that that of a beginner’s instrument.

Optimum regulation

Ask your authorized C. Bechstein dealer for recommendations on the care and maintenance needs of your piano’s action assembly. A well-regulated action enables you to play your instrument with precision, provides you with greater playing pleasure, and helps you to continuously improve your technique.

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