Maintenance and care

Delicate parts inside

You should never place anything that contains liquid such as vases, glasses or bottles upon your piano. It can happen all too quickly that the liquid is spilled and gets inside the instrument. To avoid such accidents, always place liquids at some distance away from your piano.


What do I do if liquid flows into the instrument?

You must act quickly. First, use a dry cloth to soak up as much of the liquid as possible. Never apply heat (for example, using a hair dryer) to dry the affected areas. Call a technician right away. Do not attempt to clean the inside of the instrument yourself.


What if strange noises are audible when playing the piano?

First, try to locate the source of the noise. It usually helps to ask another person for assistance.

Vibrating noise: This may be caused by lamps or glasses in the room resonating with the music from the piano.

Foreign object: An object that has fallen inside the piano can also cause strange noises when you play the instrument. Use utmost caution and call a technician for help in such cases, as the foreign object can easily damage the action assembly.

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