Maintenance and care

Temperature and humidity: two key factors

If the humidity in a room is too low or too high, this produces an unhealthy atmosphere. Your piano, too, will suffer under such conditions. Uprights and grands are made of high-quality natural materials, which are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.

Relative humidity

Use a hygrometer to check the humidity in the room where you have placed or wish to place your piano. A humidity level of 40 to 60 percent is good; fluctuations should be kept to a minimum. A high level of humidity will impair the tuning of your piano and cause swelling in the felt, leather and wooden parts of the action assembly, which will also impair the touch. On the other hand, you should use a humidifier or an air washer to prevent damage due to drying if the ambient humidity drops below 40 percent.

Piano Life Saver: for perfect climatic conditions

The Piano Life Saver is a practical device for regulating the climatic conditions in the room where your piano stands. Experience has shown that instruments used in rooms with problematic conditions stay tuned longer when they are equipped with the Piano Life Saver device. Contact your C. Bechstein dealer for more details.

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The Piano Life Saver is installed inside the piano

Storage of upright and grand pianos

Storage in a room with poor climatic conditions can cause serious damage to your instrument. Please ask your authorized C. Bechstein dealer about the necessary precautions if you have no other choice than storing your piano in an unheated room. And keep in mind that your instrument needs to be carefully acclimatized following storage or transport at low temperatures.

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