We are happy to offer you a warranty

C. Bechstein is proud to have an incredibly low defect rate: less than 0.01 percent! Our excellent quality management system, modeled on Six Sigma, is your guarantee for worry-free and delightful playing pleasure. With such meticulous attention to detail, it's no wonder that hundreds of very old C. Bechstein instruments are still in service around the world.

Nonetheless, we provide a five-year warranty — well beyond the legally required two-year period. Just fill in the warranty card supplied with every new instrument and send it to us. The warranty also applies to our other fine brands: Bechstein made by C. Bechstein, W.Hoffmann made by C. Bechstein Europe and Zimmermann designed by C. Bechstein.


Warranty booklet

A warranty booklet is delivered with every new piano at the time of purchase. It contains the warranty conditions and a wealth of useful information to help you preserve the value of your instrument. Your upright or grand piano needs an appropriate place in your home. Moreover, the case, the action and the acoustic assembly require professional care. Qualified servicing is essential to keep your instrument well tuned, perfectly regulated and optimally voiced. The warranty booklet makes it easy to keep a full history of qualified servicing, which is especially useful in the event of a later resale.


Activating your warranty

On the last pages of the warranty booklet you will find instructions for online registration. Please complete these to ensure that you receive the full C. Bechstein warranty for your new instrument.