Piano guide

This online piano guide underlines the many advantages of piano playing and provides a wealth of purchase tips.

Piano bench

A quality piano bench must be functional and provide a comfortable sitting position, so that you can maintain good posture and play without getting stiff muscles. A well-balanced sitting position facilitates the learning of piano-relevant motor activities.

Stability and upholstery are the main quality criteria when it comes to choosing a piano bench. Moreover, the bench’s height should be easily adjustable, as the ideal height for a given player can vary from one day to the next.

Please note that a swivel chair is not an alternative as it is not stable enough. You should also avoid three-legged stools, for the same reason. A four-legged piano stool is definitively the best solution, all the more so as there are special models for those who suffer backache. Our product range includes piano stools in styles and finishes matching the various C. Bechstein uprights and grands.

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