Piano guide

This online piano guide underlines the many advantages of piano playing and provides a wealth of purchase tips.

Form and style

The C. Bechstein R&D department is a facility unique the world over, constantly achieving advances in the areas of materials, case design and sound optimization. Thanks to its expertise, the R&D department develops models with tailored stylistic features or even bronze, silver or gold ornaments made using traditional craftsmanship. Every year, C. Bechstein thus makes a spectacular replica of a particularly precious vintage grand piano.

Piano fashion

Although piano design doesn’t change as frequently as other fashions, there are clear differences between an average case and a carefully designed model. The aesthetic excellence of all pianos made by the C. Bechstein group is another quality criterion, as confirmed by the many design prizes awarded to the company.

Traditional or modern?

A wealth of models with attractive case designs is available among the C. Bechstein and Bechstein brands, as well as the three W.Hoffmann lines. A modern upright doesn’t have legs under the keyboard. Several C. Bechstein and Bechstein “modern” pianos that sell very well were awarded the Good Design Award for their excellent case design.

Curves or straight lines?

Several C. Bechstein and Bechstein uprights are provided with the same acoustic assembly, but two different cases, one with elegant curves, the other with clear straight lines.

Casters or runners?

The choice between casters and runners for your upright piano is purely an aesthetic one – the stability of the instrument is the same in either case. The primary factor in the decision is your own personal taste.

Art case gallery

The C. Bechstein manufacturing processes are very flexible and can easily adapt to your personal requirements. Ask your authorized dealer about the customization options available, and especially about our special veneers. Are you considering a case with marquetry, chrome or brass fittings? You’re in search of a color that matches your interior decoration? Your dealer is there to help and advise you. Moreover, C. Bechstein has the expertise to make replicas of the most sophisticated vintage pianos. We collaborate with painters, woodcarvers and veneer specialists who can make a masterpiece of fine art out of your piano’s case.

Discover some of our special models in the art case gallery. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on the customization options for the case of your upright or grand piano:


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