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Sound and touch

Both the touch and sound of C. Bechstein pianos are legendary and many pianists have lauded the vast range of playing possibilities that these instruments offer. Here are eight reasons why:

1. Colorful sound spectrum

The piano is a polyphonic instrument that spans seven and one-quarter octaves. With its ability to generate clearly differentiated sounds, it’s no wonder that it’s sometimes compared to an entire orchestra.

Because they boast a wide dynamic range and an impressively differentiated and colorful sound spectrum, the C. Bechstein pianos provide players with limitless possibilities of interpretation. Playing a C. Bechstein, you can freely stress a certain voice, underscore a certain melody or accentuate a certain chord, and thus make your interpretation more lively and vivid.

2. Hammerheads, felt and voicing

C. Bechstein is the only European piano manufacturer that has its own hammerhead production line. Two layers of a special, long-fiber felt are tightened on the hammerhead core, made of walnut. Afterwards, a technician voices the hammerheads by hand in order to provide the sound with more color and dynamism and harmonize all the tones. Voicing is an art that requires passion, discipline and experience from the technician. At C. Bechstein, it’s exclusively performed by master craftsmen with years of experience as concert technicians who are able to bring out the entire sound potential of the pianos.

3. Keybed, keyframe and keyboard

The keys and their frames are made of carefully selected spruce, a relatively light but stable and elastic wood. The keybed, made of pinewood, forms a solid base for the action. The legs of the grand pianos are inserted in solid bushings made of beech.

4. Action assembly

A piano action assembly has to be precise and reliable. The perfection of the C. Bechstein actions stems from the strict material selection criteria, the accuracy of all measurements and the expertise of the production staff. C. Bechstein action assemblies are made of maple and white beech. The hammers move freely so nothing impairs the creative process. The keys deliver the ideal balance between resistance and fluidity. The action reproduces all the subtlety of the player’s attack precisely, intuitively and effortlessly.

5. Integral concept

A Bechstein piano is designed to deliver a perfect touch that exploits the full potential of the highly complex sound assembly. All action parts undergo an individual quality control procedure, are calibrated to meet strict margins of tolerance, and ultimately assembled to form a masterpiece of technology that can withstand the highest strain. Numerous great pianists have praised the fantastic subtlety and controllability of the breathtaking C. Bechstein action assemblies.

6. Distinctive criteria of a good touch

A good touch is far more than just the good reactivity of the keys. According to the Bechstein approach, it’s the sum of all the impressions that the player experiences while he or she plays the piano.

7. Repetition

A good action assembly also enables good and pleasing repetition of any note. In a C. Bechstein piano, the touch is neither too hard nor too soft, spongy or imprecise, giving you excellent control and repetition independently from your attack.

8. The perfection of the whole

First class touch requires a perfect interaction of the keyboard, action, hammerheads and acoustic assembly. The C. Bechstein action offers a touch with all of the characteristics described above, thus enabling both beginners and professionals to express themselves freely.

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