Piano guide

This online piano guide underlines the many advantages of piano playing and provides a wealth of purchase tips.

Should I buy a new or second-hand piano?

If you buy a new piano of good quality, you’ll enjoy a precise action that enables a perfectly controlled attack. Moreover, the tensions are optimized in the acoustic assembly of a new piano, which delivers good sound quality and dynamics. All C. Bechstein uprights and grands come with a five-year warranty. “

Second-hand instruments: what to watch out for

There are countless second-hand pianos available on the market, and some will have suffered more wear and tear than others. It’s not easy to determine the precision of the action, the quality of the sound, nor whether it will be possible to regulate and tune the instrument. Moreover, there may be hidden damage due to storage under inappropriate climatic conditions or inexpert repairs. Especially in the case of vintage pianos, the refurbishing costs may well exceed the purchase price.

Make sure the second-hand piano is covered by warranty

You should buy a second-hand piano only from a dealer who provides the instrument with a warranty. And be sure to choose a piano of impeccable quality.


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