Piano guide

This online piano guide underlines the many advantages of piano playing and provides a wealth of purchase tips.

Upright or grand piano?

Compared to an upright, a grand piano boasts a superior action, a more comfortable touch, a considerably larger sound volume and better sound modulation possibilities.

How large should my piano be?

Both the touch and the sound volume vary according to the piano’s size. The larger the soundboard, the larger the resonance surface. As a consequence, a larger piano boasts a more profound, more vivid, more voluminous and more powerful voice.

Likewise, the size of the action assembly varies according to the height or length of the piano, so that larger instruments boast a better and more precise touch thanks to more advantageous lever ratios. With regard to the footprint, we suggest that you check the dimensions of the various C. Bechstein models on this website or in the downloadable catalogs to determine whether a grand piano would fit in your living room or music room.

A small but high-quality piano might very well provide a better sound than a larger instrument that is less well made. The quality of the materials and their processing, as well as the excellence of the acoustic assembly make all the difference.

In conclusion, we recommend that you make up your mind whether to purchase a grand or an upright piano only after testing the touch and sound of several instruments and consulting with a qualified reseller.

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