Piano guide

This online piano guide underlines the many advantages of piano playing and provides a wealth of purchase tips.

Price and quality

A high-quality piano motivates beginners and advanced players with its good sound and subtle action assembly. The excellence of materials, individually processed with care down to the finest detail, makes it incomparable to any lower-segment instrument. The making of a C. Bechstein grand piano takes more than a year of work hours.

It’s important to us to offer truly good instruments to all piano lovers, whatever their budget. The C. Bechstein group has developed a full range of brands and lines that deliver optimal solutions for all levels of requirements.

With C. Bechstein Concert, C. Bechstein Academy, the three W.Hoffmann lines and the Zimmermann brand, our product range includes a variety of instruments for all budgets.

The Bechstein brands

C. Bechstein Concert – The Sound of Excellence

The C. Bechstein Concert upright and grand pianos are masterpieces handmade in Germany, cultivated musical personalities that meet the highest requirements and satisfy the most discriminating ears. They embody the great tradition of European music: from the very beginning, the distinctive C. Bechstein voice has captivated the greatest composers and pianists. With their endless richness of nuances, the unique clarity of their tone, the perfection of their touch and their balance of dynamic power and lyrical musicality, the C. Bechstein pianos enchant every music lover.

C. Bechstein Academy — The Premium Class

Convincing quality, small-series production using craftsmanship and rational state-of-the-art technology, made in Germany by C. Bechstein of Berlin. C. Bechstein Academy pianos have a noble, colourful, elegant and harmonious voice. Their highly professional touch and distinctive sound profile — warm and pure, rich and full — make them universal, suitable for every musical purpose, whether for performance in private settings or as a working instrument for professionals.

W.Hoffmann – European quality at an affordable price

The W.Hoffmann brand includes three different lines: Professional, Tradition and Vision

W.Hoffmann Professional

High-quality, yet affordable professional pianos that entice you with their musicality, enduring quality, excellent design and impressive sound volume.

W.Hoffmann Tradition

A line of pianos with a distinctive European sound that are rooted in the great German tradition of piano-making. The entire production, including the manual voicing of the hammerheads, is carried out by the Czech piano-makers of C. Bechstein Europe.

W.Hoffmann Vision

Quality pianos made on a highly efficient production line, affordable instruments that stand out for their impeccable, finely nuanced and distinctively European touch.

Zimmermann – Designed by C. Bechstein

Reliable pianos of European quality for beginners in search of a reputable yet reasonably priced instrument for entering the world of piano music.

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