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This online piano guide underlines the many advantages of piano playing and provides a wealth of purchase tips.

The advantages of acoustic pianos

An acoustic piano is a must for those who want to enjoy playing and practicing, as such an instrument trains the musical ear best and boosts the creativity. The ability to modulate a natural sound and perfectly control the attack is a significant advantage of acoustic pianos. On the contrary, a digital instrument delivers only a frozen, tinny sound. No one who has played an acoustic piano would ever renounce the unique musical pleasure inherent in such an instrument.

What are the advantages of digital pianos?

Of course, digital pianos also boast certain advantages; for example, they are a good choice for those who favor pop music as well as those who need to transport their instruments easily.

Nonetheless, the sound quality of digital pianos remains limited, although it has improved in recent years: the “voice” of a digital piano is made of sound samples, where only every third tone is recorded from an acoustic piano at just a few different levels, the other tones being simulated by the computer. Thus, despite all technological advances, a digital piano is by no means able to deliver the multifaceted musical experience that you can enjoy when playing an acoustic instrument.

In addition, the similar appearance of the keys on both types of pianos is misleading: the keys of digital pianos are lighter and far less precise to the touch, so that playing a piece on an acoustic piano that you had practiced on a digital instrument can present a problem.

C. Bechstein sound samples

The quality of the sound samples used by digital pianos or mute systems varies considerably from one device to the next. All the samples for the Vario mute, for example, were recorded on a C. Bechstein concert grand piano. That’s why this device is the ideal solution for providing an acoustic C. Bechstein instrument with the advantages of a digital piano.

Always compare the differences in touch and voice of several pianos before buying

Ultimately, the choice between an acoustic and a digital piano depends on your budget, the space available at your home and the intended use of the instrument. Don’t hesitate to compare both types of pianos — and you will most likely come to the conclusion that an acoustic piano boasts decisive advantages.

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