Upright & grand pianos


C. Bechstein Academy

Top-quality upright pianos made in Germany. Become part of the Bechstein legend!

A 124 Style

Large case, powerful voice and precise action. Suitable for all styles of music.

A 124 Imposant

Large soundboard and impressive sound volume. A modern piano with a beautiful voice.

Academy A 4

Our talented all-rounder

A 114 Compact

Beautiful look and wonderful touch — the dream of every music lover.

A 114 Modern Chrome Art

A self-assured piano, an enviable understatement, modern yet classical.

A 114 Modern

A smart and compact piano with numerous quality features and excellent value for money.

Bechstein — The Premium Class

Convincing quality, small-series production using craftsmanship and rational state-of-the-art technology, made in Germany by C. Bechstein of Berlin. Bechstein pianos have a noble, colourful, elegant and harmonious voice. Their highly professional touch and distinctive sound pro le — warm and pure, rich and full — make them universal, suitable for every musical purpose, whether for performance in private settings or as a working instrument for professionals musicians.

Piano guide

This online piano guide underlines the many advantages of piano playing and provides a wealth of purchase tips.