Wataru Hisasue

Wataru Hisasue was born in Kyoto (Japan) in 1994. In October 2013, he embarked on a Bachelor’s degree in the piano at the University of Music Freiburg under various professors, including Gilead Mishory, Tigran A. Alikhanov, Alexander Braginsky, Elza Kolodin, Michael Leuschner, William Grant Naboré, Andrzej Pikul and Katarzyna Popowa-Zydroń.  

He has won many national and international competitions, including the Aoyama Music Award 2009, the Heiwado Foundation’s music grant, the Johann Sebastian Bach Prize, the Bladowski Prize, the Junior Prize and the Dina van Driesten Prize.   Crowned “Virtuoso 2014” at the 14th Münchner Klavierpodium der Jugend competition, he received a grant from the Helene Rosenberg Foundation for 2014/2015 and won the First Grand Prize and the Musideco Prize at the Concours International de Piano in Gagny, not to mention first prize and the audience award in the 6th Lepthien piano competition, second prize and the audience award at the 6th Massarosa International Piano Competition, and first prize and the audience prize at the 7th Lyon International Piano Competition. In 2016, he also won the International German Piano Award and the Mendelssohn Prize in the Mendelssohn Bartholdy Conservatory Competition held in Berlin. In 2017 Wataru Hisasue won the third prize in the ARD music competition as well as the award for the best interpretation of the commissioned composition.

Wataru Hisasue has also performed as a soloist in the Baroque Hall at Kyoto’s Aoyama Music Memorial, in the Biwako Hall during the Biwa Lake Festival, in the town of Bad Säckingen and at the Théâtre municipal André-Malraux in Gagny.

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