W.Hoffmann P 188, instrument of the month for March 2019

A powerful grand piano for very demanding young pianists

The instruments in the W.Hoffmann Professional line allow young pianists to assert their artistic talent and develop their musical potential.

A wealth of manufacturing details — C. Bechstein hammerheads with mahogany core, black keys made of ebony, regulating and voicing performed by concert technicians, etc. — come together to create a touch and a sound similar to those of the concert grand pianos played by young pianists in music schools the world over.

In recent years, the C. Bechstein manufactories in Seifhennersdorf and Hradec Králové have become centers of excellence specializing in the production of various piano parts. The resulting synergies have streamlined the different manufacturing steps. Moreover, the use of high-precision CNC machines contributes significantly to the excellent touch and voice of the instruments.

The W.Hoffmann Professional pianos are quality instruments that meet the stringent requirements of professional pianists and boast a stunning power that belies their affordable pricing.



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