JeungBeum Sohn wins International German Piano Award

The Korean pianist was able to convince the renowned laureate jury in an outstanding final concert

It was 10.15 pm on 1 April, when patron Dr. Peter Ramsauer opened the file and announced the winner of the 2019 International German Piano Award:

Korean pianist JeungBeum Sohn gave an outstanding performance during the final concert and was awarded the International German Piano Award which comes with a prize money of 20.000€.

Luka Okros from Georgia won the audience prize which was sponsored by German newspaper FAZ. Both the audience on site and online (the concert was stream live) cast their vote for this prize which is worth 3.000€.

Congratulations to the two finalists, the nominees which left the competition prior to the finale concert, as well as all colleagues on stage and behind the scenes on a great competition and an outstanding final concert! It was our great pleasure to support the IGPA as a partner!


Images: Stefan Hönig