165th C. Bechstein anniversary: Big celebration with classical music and a variety show

More than 500 guests from all over the world were treated to an event with classical music and a variety show that was held at the C. Bechstein manufactory in Seifhennersdorf to celebrate the 165th anniversary of this company that is both world-renowned and steeped in tradition.

The Bechstein family celebrated the anniversary

"165 years C. Bechstein" was the motto of the anniversary celebration, which took place with classical music, acrobatic variety and over 500 invited guests from all over the world in the German manufactory. The Bechstein family celebrated in Seifhennersdorf the great tradition of a world-famous brand.

Guided tours of one of Europe’s most modern piano manufactories

During the day, the guests had the opportunity to take guided tours of the German C. Bechstein manufactory, where experienced pianomakers took the time to answer the visitors’ many questions.

In recent years, the company acquired new CNC machines and developed new production processes, so that guests who had already visited the site in the past were surprised as they toured the Seifhennersdorf factory anew. Today, C. Bechstein runs one of Europe’s most modern production sites for upright and grand pianos.

Stefan Freymuth: C. Bechstein is ready for the future

During a speech held under a big top, CEO Stefan Freymuth stated that the market for acoustic pianos is facing a brilliant future and that breakthroughs are still possible in traditional pianomaking: “Although pianos have existed for more than two centuries and have been repeatedly improved, there is always room for further development of the instrument. A wealth of details, great and small, can still be optimized.”

Mr. Freymuth is confident that C. Bechstein is ready for the future: “Our production sites in Seifhennersdorf and Hradec Králové have nothing in common with the factories of yesteryear. These are modern piano manufactories with state-of-the-art equipment. C. Bechstein is facing a brilliant future: the company generates substantial profits, and is in excellent financial health. We intend to maintain and even improve this situation.”

Furthermore, C. Bechstein’s CEO asserted that the company is taking up the digital challenge: “As a complement to the production of acoustic pianos, we plan to intensify our activities as regards digital products for musicians. C. Bechstein Digital, the subsidiary we founded recently, develops products that complement our acoustic pianos with additional functions, making them even more interesting for new target groups.”

Last but not least, CEO Freymuth praised the great commitment of the company’s staff and international partners: “We are lucky enough to have with us and around us many people who support Bechstein, who are true to the brand, and who believe in the company.”

Brilliant performances by young grant holders of the Carl Bechstein foundation

Under the big top that had been raised on the open spaces of the manufactory grounds, two young musicians, Tabea Streicher from Berlin and Marvin Maung Tint from Hamburg – both born in 2004 and both holders of grants from the Carl Bechstein foundation – interpreted works by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and Ravel. Their brilliant performances on a C. Bechstein D 282 concert grand fired the audience with enthusiasm.

Breathtaking acrobatics and musical hits from Berlin’s Wintergarten variety theater

Artists from Berlin’s Wintergarten variety theater performed a show entitled Take it Easy. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the excellent acrobats and amazing magicians, as well as the talented musicians who played pop favorites. And the show band that performed afterwards played such rousing pop hits that many guests could not help hit the dance floor.

In a word, the celebration was a great success and C. Bechstein is ready for the next 165 years…