Z 175 Standard Z 175 Standard Zimmermann Zimmermann 150 / 59'' cm 175 / 5'9'' cm 340 / 750 lbs cm Zimmermann Z 175 Standard: a quality grand piano for beginners designed by C. Bechstein. new Grand piano
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Z 175 Standard

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Designed by C. Bechstein

Instruments for those who want to enter the world of piano without compromising on quality. A new standard for beginner pianos at surprisingly affordable prices.

For those who have ever dreamt of a grand…

With the Zimmermann Z 175 Standard model, Bechstein presents an attractive grand with a sizable sound volume that can be yours at a surprisingly affordable price.

Buying a second-hand piano is a risky business, as the instrument may have hidden faults or damage. You can easily avoid this risk by buying a new Zimmermann Z 175 Standard… at the price of many second-hand grands.

The Zimmermann Z 175 Standard model charms every player with its outstanding grand piano touch, convincing sound volume and well-balanced voice. This mid-sized instrument boasts all the advantages of a quality grand piano: precise and fluid touch that gives you confidence, carefully selected materials and fine processing that meets even stringent demands. A quality grand piano for beginners, the Zimmermann Z 175 Standard bears the “Designed by C. Bechstein” mark of excellence.  


Bechstein quality management: your security while buying a piano for beginners

While most European piano manufacturers offer only beginner pianos that are mass-produced in Asia, C. Bechstein directly monitors the manufacturing of the Zimmermann Z 175 Standard grand: Bechstein specialists backed with the company’s expertise check the quality of every single instrument at the production site prior to awarding the Bechstein quality label. The Zimmermann Z 175 Standard grand piano mirrors the expertise of the Bechstein brand and sets new standards in its category. Bechstein quality management is a system you can trust. Moreover, the Zimmermann Z 175 Standard model is a good quality piano for beginners that comes with a five-year warranty — two good reasons to opt for a new Zimmermann Z 175 Standard rather than any second-hand grand.

Z 175 Standard Dimensions

150 / 59''

Width in cm

175 / 5'9''

Length in cm

340 / 750 lbs

Weight in kg

Zimmermann Z 175 Standard

C. Bechstein Vario System

The C. Bechstein Vario digital mute makes a two-in-one out of your acoustic piano: you can play night and day without disturbing anyone.

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