Studio S 4 Studio S 4 Zimmermann Zimmermann 149 cm 62,5 cm 235 cm 120,5 kg The perfect piano for young beginners. new Upright
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Studio S 4


The perfect piano for young beginners.

Studio S 4


The perfect piano for young beginners.


The Zimmermann Studio S 4 brings the world of sound into your home

Anyone who plays the keys of a Zimmermann Studio S 4 for the first time is immediately fascinated by this piano. Its proportions and balanced sound makes it especially well suited for younger beginners. The reassuring dependability and beautiful shape of this musical centrepiece make it just as stylish in the children's room as in any other room that you want to fill with music. Even little hands can create big sounds with this melodious instrument. This helps make the first steps of playing piano music easier. The fallboard has a smart soft-closing function, protecting both musicians’ fingers and the instrument.


Designed by C. Bechstein

Zimmermann - that means first and foremost: play yourself happy. Delight in a wonderful sound at a truly fair price. This is why all our uprights and grand pianos are designed, constructed and also controlled by C. Bechstein. As you can hear. Only in this way can we come closer to achieving our mission: we want everyone to have the opportunity to play on a quality acoustic piano.

Studio S 4 Dimensions

Dimensions   120,5 ×  149 ×  62,5   Weight   235 kg
Zimmermann Studio S 4

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