"It was a pleasure for me to play on this mellow, profound and fine Bechstein."

– Tomislav Baynov


Tomislav Nedelkovic-Baynov, born 1958 in Sofia, is known as pianist and piano instructor, but particularly as founder of the Baynov Piano Ensemble. He was awarded the first prize at the National Piano Competition in Prowadia, Bulgaria at the age of just 6 years. After completing secondary music school in Sofia, Baynov studied further with Neuhaus' student Konstantin Ganev and with Julia Ganeva at the Music University in Sofia. In 1981 Baynov left his home without permission for Vienna and Paris in order to realize his artistic ideas in freedom. In the following years he gave numerous concert performances in various western countries. Thus, he performed in the period between 1981 and 1986 as soloist 29 times in the West Berlin Philharmonic. In 1998 Tomislav Baynov became professor at the state-run Music University Trossingen.

In 1989 Tomislav Baynov founded the Baynov Piano Ensemble, which devotes itself to rarely played compositions for multiple pianos. He is president of the International Piano Competition for Six Hands.Tomislav Baynov is founder of the Association to Promote Piano Playing with Many Hands. There are 20 CD recordings as well as radio and TV tapes available from Baynov. He reported after a concert, "It was a pleasure for me to play on this mellow, profound and at the same time fine Bechstein."