Muye Wu

Wu Muye was born in a family of music in December 23rd, 1985. He started to learn piano at the age of 4, and gave performances on the stage at the age of 5, and then won the first prize in thepiano contest of level 5 held in Hong Kong.

In April, 1997, he visited five countries on behalf of Central Conservatory of Music and State Cultural Relics Bureau for cultural and article exchange performance. In September, 1998, he won the first place of Adolescent Professional Unit of National “XingHai Cup” Child and Teenager Piano Competition in Beijing. In October, 1998, 12 year-old Wu Muye was recommended as “Chinese Extraordinary Music Adolescent”, and was introduced to the public in the popular column “Music Bridge” of CCTV. At the same time, he recorded and published his DVD: “The Young Genius Wu Muye’s Piano Performance Album”.  

In September 2007, Wu Muye defeated numerous graduators from different music institutions around the world again and entered the piano master (doctor) class of C.N.S.M.D.P to pursue further study, becoming the only Chinese young pianist who won this highest diploma at present (French: Perfectionnement Piano). Media around world have reported long before that Wu Muye gained the recognition from Europe music field by his extraordinary skills and music expressive ability. He was praised as the “Gold Finger” of Europe Piano. The French newspaper “le monde” said, “What an astonishing performance. It seems to bring me to the Heaven from chaos. What kind of magnificent person he is! He is filled with inspiration, brimming with natural and noble temperament!” “Chinese Music Newspaper” and “Sina Entertainment” reported acomment together that “People haven’t heard such a pure French Romantic performance for a long time!”

Photos: © C. Bechstein China / Muye Wu