Morten Schantz

Morten Schantz is a pianist, composer and bandleader born 1980 in Aarhus, Denmark. In January 2017 he released his first international album, Godspeed, on Edition Records, to great critical acclaim all over the world. This is his tenth album, following four as a soloist and five with the pan-Scandinavian group JazzKamikaze. Schantz has won several awards based on his work with the latter where he is the primary songwriter, and has received two Grammy nominations for his solo work, most recently as "Jazz Composer of the Year" for the album Unicorn.

A founding member of JazzKamikaze, Schantz recently founded a fantastic new band featuring two long-term collaborators; drum wizard Anton Eger (Sweden) and jazz phenomenon Marius Neset (Norway) on saxophones. With Godspeed the trio stamps their bold imprint on the music in typically dynamic and imperious fashion, creating works full of euphoric riffs and blissful melodic hooks. Utilizing an impressive array of electronics with all the skill and virtuosity at their command, this trio generates some of the most vibrant music to come from the European jazz scene in recent times.

Morten Schantz has toured all over the world with his solo projects and JazzKamikaze.

Photos: © Gregor Willmes

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