Malakoff Kowalski

“When I am on stage in a concert hall, two things enable me to feel the right emotion at the right moment: the spotlight that I always carry with me and a Bechstein grand piano, which always delivers the sound and touch that really feels like music. Like my music.”

Malakoff Kowalski



Born in Boston to Iranian parents, Malakoff Kowalski grew up in Hamburg and now lives in Berlin. His first solo album, entitled Neue Deutsche Reiselieder, came out in 2009, followed in 2012 by Kill Your Babies — Filmscore of for an Unknown Picture and in 2015 by I Love You, a mix of jazz, singer-songwriter and film score styles. On all these albums, as well as on My First Piano released in 2018 on the MPS label, Kowalski plays various instruments but most significantly the piano.

As a composer of film scores and music for the theater, Malakoff Kowalski has worked closely with the director Klaus Lemke and the dramatist Angela Richter for many years now. Creating the music for Parzival and Faust recently took him to the Schauspielhaus in Cologne and the Staatstheater Stuttgart. He also composed the film score for Lisa Langseth’s Euphoria, a drama starring Alicia Vikander, Eva Green and Charlotte Rampling. During his solo performances, he interprets excerpts from My First Piano, his two latest CDs and his stage and film music.


photos © Tommy Hetzel und Julija Goyd

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