The new C. Bechstein Academy A 4: Our talented all-rounder

Thanks to its completely new design, it makes every genre sound amazing.

The C. Bechstein Academy A 4
A versatile talent for every repertoire

Music has an endless array of styles. From baroque to hard rock. From Gregorian to jazz. Musicians - in particular those with wide-ranging repertoires who deliberately choose not to settle on a single style - need an instrument that can accommodate and embrace this variety. It is with these musicians in mind that the new C. Bechstein Academy A 4 piano was conceived. Its completely new design allows the player to bring out the true essence of every musical genre.

A virtuoso across the board

Despite our 165 years of experience, we never fail to get excited when our new designs produce their very first sounds. Our Development Department and piano makers have absolutely outdone themselves and we couldn't be happier with the result! The C. Bechstein Academy A 4 sounds wonderfully distinguished and elegant - and yet fresh and impulsive at the same time. This unique sound profile and the outstanding action of the Academy A 4 mean it can be used for any kind of musical requirements, be it for personal use or as a working instrument for professional use.

The design - A tribute to clarity

This tonal versatility has been purposely housed inside a design that represents a calm counterpoint: clean lines, understated, timeless, modern. This results in an overall package that embodies a truly consummate harmony and balance.

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