Talented young pianist on a Bechstein

A special piano concert was held at the C. Bechstein Center in Berlin last November: only eleven years of age, Kevin Chen played works by Bach, Mozart and Chopin, as well as his own compositions – all on a C. Bechstein D 282 concert grand.

The popular French music magazine Pianiste featured an article on this outstanding performance. The author, Stéphane Friédérich, lauded this young musician’s exceptional talent and stressed that while true child prodigies are few and far between, Kevin Chen is certainly one of them.

As Friédérich writes: “It’s not so much Kevin Chen’s technical mastery that grabs us; many children of his age display such dexterity and nimbleness. […] Nor is it his stage presence, apparent calm, versatility and control on a superb C. Bechstein D 282 concert grand that enthralls us. It’s his grasp of the language of music. Not only does Kevin bring his own style to the piece; he also has a concept for his music.” 

The young pianist rounded off his concert with four of his own compositions – melodies with a distinct Chinese flavor and hints of Rachmaninoff.

As Colleen Athparia, his piano professor at Mount Royal University Conservatory in Calgary (Canada) describes him: “I’ve had a number of talented children among my pupils and some gifted ones, but nobody quite like Kevin. He has such a profound understanding of music… I guide him, of course, but would never actually claim to teach him.”

And when asked about his talent, Kevin simply answers: “I love the sound of the piano. I just enjoy playing.”

Photos @Gregor Willmes