Successful concert series with Chilly Gonzales

The exceptional artist is currently on tour – with cello and drums, with guests, on Bechstein

When Chilly Gonzales announces a concert, you can be sure you're in for an evening full of suprises – and his current tour across Germany, accompanied by cellist Stella Le Page and drummer Joe Flory and with artists such as Alice Sara Ott and Malakoff Kowalski giving guest performances, is no exception: The evening begins with calm, almost introvert pieces that might remind of Debussy or Satie, and continues in volume, rock and rap allusions. And of course, the audience gets to experience Chilly Gonazels' talent as an entertainer firsthand, too – laughter in the audience has a firm place in the evenings dramaturgy. 

We are extremely proud that Chilly chooses to play a C. Bechstein concert grand D 282 in almost all cities that are part of the tour – from Berlin to Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and Leipzig to Munich. He even let us know that he prefers to play his concerts on our concert grand!

For those who'd like to experience this evening firsthand: The tour continues all the way into December, and makes station amongst others in Dresden, Stuttgart, Köln, Hannover and Bremen.

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