Piano Vertu, a catalyst of Montreal's vibrant music scene

One of Canada’s leading piano dealers is now even more welcoming with its newly renovated showroom.

We’re delighted to present Piano Vertu, a dear C. Bechstein partner in Montreal, Canada. Owner and founder Maxime Séguin and his team run a premium showroom on two floors for acoustic uprights and grands where they offer the most prestigious and sought-after piano brands. “At Piano Vertu, we do everything with passion. We love what we do, and we strive to help our customers find their dream piano", Maxime Séguin states.

Piano Vertu launched in 2012 in Montreal, the largest city in the province of Quebec. The city’s longstanding international reputation as a musical mecca, with its conservatories, concert halls and hundreds of festivals, makes it a perfect location for C. Bechstein pianos. Maxime Séguin and his team even occasionally host concerts themselves on a stage in their flagship showroom in the fabled Théâtre Snowdon.

Séguin’s exceptional commitment to the city’s vibrant music scene doesn’t stop there: the store also runs the Académie Piano Vertu, a music school that takes a holistic approach in providing quality musical education and fosters creative growth in students of all ages and backgrounds.

In any case, Piano Vertu’s newly renovated Théâtre Snowdon retail space is a sight to behold. Its clear and tasteful interior opens a new chapter in the store’s continuing history. As owner and founder Maxime Séguin emphasizes: “Piano Vertu is extremely proud to be associated with the prestigious C. Bechstein brand, known the world over for its major contribution to the advancement of piano-making and, more generally, to the history of classical music. Our customers are well aware of these facts when they make the decision to buy a C. Bechstein. Aside from their legendary German build quality, they also greatly appreciate the company’s dedication to its dealers and the consistent support it provides. Herzlichen Dank für alles!

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