Piano duo Silver-Garburg at Konzerthaus Wien

Successful start of the new cooperation between Konzerthaus Wien and C. Bechstein!


The piano duo Silver-Garburg opened the “Lunchtime Music Cycle” in the Vienna Konzerthaus. C. Bechstein is now a partner in this cycle, in which all pianists play on a C. Bechstein D 282 concert grand. Sivan Silver and Gil Garburg played a pure Schubert program on the new Bechstein, which of course fit perfectly into the Schubert Hall of the Vienna Konzerthaus.

Due to the distance rules, the room was only half full. But the applause from the enthusiastic audience made the hall appear well filled. With the Fantasia in F minor, the Allegro “Lebensstürme”, the Rondo in A major and the Fugue in E minor, the program consisted of works that Schubert had written all in 1828, i.e. in the last year of his life. And the duo, who had traveled from Berlin, kept their full concentration and immense intensity in their playing throughout the one-hour, highly demanding program. Silver-Garburg interpreted Schubert's seemingly endless increases, his wealth of melodies, his harmonious developments with great clarity and in a beguilingly sensitive interplay. Sivan Silver und Gil Garburg made Bechstein sing with many colors.

Congratulations to the duo! A successful start to this new cooperation between the Konzerthaus Wien and C. Bechstein!