New C. Bechstein Center opens in Beijing

Our new C. Bechstein Center has just opened in Beijing, right in the heart of the Chinese capital’s business quarter – the ideal location for outstanding upright and grand pianos.

The majority of the group’s directors flew in for the inauguration of the new C. Bechstein Center in Beijing: Karl Schulze (CEO, C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik AG), Stefan Freymuth (member of the Executive Board), Ralf Dewor (Sales Director), Werner Albrecht (Technical Director) and Xianghao Zhou (Director of C. Bechstein China). They welcomed the famous pianist Cyprien Katsaris and Professor Wu, the director of the Piano Department at the Beijing Conservatory.

Situated right on the doorstep of the embassy quarter and the China World Trade Center, the new C. Bechstein Center is nestled among numerous luxury stores, including Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Goyard and Leica. It is based in the Guanghualu SOHO² building designed by the German architecture firm GMP International and showcases a vast selection of upright and grand pianos from the C. Bechstein, Bechstein, W.Hoffmann and Zimmermann ranges.

Besides the store itself, the new C. Bechstein Center also includes a studio containing a grand piano or two baby grands for clients and professional pianists to discover and test out the instruments for themselves. Beijing’s C. Bechstein Center is topped off with a concert hall – magnificently inaugurated by Cyprien Katsaris – where classical pianists will soon be invited to perform, thus boosting the Chinese capital’s cultural scene.

Another feature that adds an elegant touch to Beijing’s C. Bechstein Center: a superb piano built in 1863 for the great romantic pianist Hans von Bülow. The unique instrument embodies the long Bechstein tradition and the durability of instruments “made in Germany”.

C. Bechstein Centrum Beijing
Guanghualu SOHO2, Chaoyang District Guanghua Lu Xi Li
Tel. +86 - 010 6585 8678