Master class with Benjamin Grosvenor

Internationally acclaimed pianist Benjamin Grosvenor has just conducted a master class in the Stilwerk in Berlin at the invitation of Casio and C. Bechstein.

Benjamin Grosvenor, the British piano star, gave a master class in Berlin that inspired talented young pianists from all over Germany. Aged between 13 and 18, the pupils from various schools and colleges were selected against the backdrop of the Casio Talent Days competition. Their prize: to attend a special course conducted by the virtuoso.

“I’ve been playing the piano my whole life but I’d never given lessons. This master class was a great challenge and I enjoyed it immensely,” explains Grosvenor. “The children were extremely talented and their motivation and willingness to learn really impressed me.” Fifteen-year-old Congyi Yao, winner of the Casio Talent Days in Berlin, was delighted with the opportunity: “It was extremely helpful to get tips from such a great pianist. I learnt a lot!” Jacqueline (13 years of age, winner of the Casio Talent Days in Halle) adds: “I was astonished to see how hard he worked to help us as much as possible. It was absolutely fantastic!”

Grosvenor readily accepted the invitation to conduct the master class as he is passionate about the Grand Hybrid digital piano co-developed by C. Bechstein and Casio Music. The virtuoso rounded off his master class with a private performance of works by Ravel and Mendelssohn Bartholdy on the C. Bechstein D 282 concert grand he had been using throughout the day.