Great Success for Bechstein at the third LvivMozArt Festival

C. Bechstein was Partner at the third LvivMozArt Festival in Lviv, Ukraine.

The international festival of classical music is named after Franz Xaver Mozart - a son of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Franz Xaver was also a famous teacher, pianist, conductor and composer of his time. He lived in Lviv from 1808 to 1838, actively creating a favourable environment for music in the city.

During the 2019 festival, more than 25 concerts took place in ten different interesting venues. One of the highights was the concert 'Galician Style'. Oksana Lyniv - founder and art director of LvivMozArt – conducted the Galician Academic Chamber Choir, the Lviv Municipal Choir 'Gomin' and the 'INSO-Lviv' Symphony Orchestra (Ukraine) in the Lviv Opera. On the program: works by Levko Kolodub, Myroslav Skoryk and Leonid Hrabovskyi. Kateryna Titova performed the piano concerto by Vasyl Barvinskyi and inspired the audience with her virtuoso and poetic piano playing on the C. Bechstein concert grand D 282.

Immediately afterwards, there was a concert with the 83-year-old Giora Feidman (clarinet) and the Gershwin Quartet. The ensemble performed a mixture of klezmer, classical music, tango and folk music arrangements in what used to be a tram depot. They took the audience by storm, even briging everybody together in joyful song during several interludes. It was great to see legend Feidman in Lviv!