Gonzervatory 2019: Music academy with Chilly Gonzales in Cologne

For the second time, composer and entertainer Chilly Gonzales is inviting musicians from all over the world to join him in Cologne for a ten day music academy. Applications can be submitted until 1 May.

Ten days of coachings, workshops, rehearsals – and at the end, a concert led by the maestro himself:
That is multitalent Chilly Gonzales' Gonzervatory which takes place for the second time in 2019, this time in Gonzales' home town Cologne.

The Gonzervatory is open to every musician 18 or older, from all parts of the globe, who write and perform their own material: composing instrumentalists, singer-songwriters, rappers, producers.

In addition to one-on-one sessions with Gonzo, the participants will take part in afternoon masterclasses from special guests selected from his friends and collaborators. Rehearsals together with the other participants are also on the agenda, to prepare for the Graduation Concert on 8 November 2019.

The experience, with all its inevitable struggles and triumphs, will be documented and shared with viewers all over the world. Livestreams and daily video debriefs will allow audiences to witness personal exchanges in real time and develop an emotional investment in the participants’ musical progress.

To Chilly Gonzales, this approach to learning and teaching holds special significance: "Growing up, I had a complex relationship with studying music; I wanted to be inspired and challenged, not ‘taught’. Technical knowledge came quickly, but I struggled to express my feelings in a direct but playful way. I’ve seen so many trained musicians miss out on instinctive musical joy, while those who are self-taught don’t know how to systematically improve their skills. Musicians shouldn’t have to choose between fun and knowledge, it’s a false choice."

C. Bechstein cherishes a long and close relationship and friendship with Chilly Gonzales, and the artist regularly performs on our instruments in his own concerts. So we are immensely proud to be an official partner of Gonzervatory 2019: A format as creative, open and multidimensional as this opens up wonderful new artistic possibilities – and we couldn't be more excited to see the results!


Learn more and apply: