Francesco Tristano at LaFabrika in Prague

Francesco Tristano performed works by Bach, Cage and by himself on a C. Bechstein grand in the Czech capital.

On 20 October 2018, Francesco Tristano gave a concert at LaFabrika in Prague. Tristano performed works by Cage, Sweelinck and Bach as well as his own compositions on a C. Bechstein grand.

The Luxembourgian born pianist is famous for his egalitarian understanding of music: Classically trained at the renowned Julliard School and at conservatories in Europe, he now blends classical and electronic music and regularly DJs at clubs all over the world.

Tristano rejects the often-invoked distinction between musical genres, between serious and entertaining music. To him, music is music – and good music distinguishes itself solely by way of its ability to reach and move people.