C. Bechstein Technicians’ Academy announces weekend training in June 2018

Advanced training for piano technicians. For years now, the C. Bechstein Technicians’ Academy has been one of the top organizations for advanced training of piano technicians. Held in one of the most modern piano manufactories in Europe, the C. Bechstein Weekends are especially attractive thanks to their pleasant working atmosphere and strong practical orientation.

Nearly forty eager technicians participated in the latest training event, held in Kiev in the Ukraine under the C. Bechstein concert technician Torben Garlin. More than twice as many specialists had applied to attend this session focused on voicing and sound optimization of the C. Bechstein upright and grand pianos. Torben Garlin patiently answered the many questions and used practical examples to demonstrate, for example, how to optimize the sound of a concert grand.

Targeted training in one of Europe’s most modern piano manufactories

The next C. Bechstein Weekend is just around the corner, to be held in June 2018. This workshop offers targeted training with C. Bechstein master piano-makers. Participants work on top quality instruments from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon in a congenial atmosphere. Topics include, for example, sound design through tuning and voicing, the regulation of action assemblies, and the procedures to follow when providing concert service for professional pianists.

A lively dialogue among experts

Held at the C. Bechstein manufactory in Seifhennersdorf, Germany, the weekend also offers a chance for dialogue among fellow technicians. Excellent opportunities for conversation abound during the factory tour, the shared meals, and other activities as well. Participants find these exchanges are enriching opportunities to expand and update their technical expertise, discuss current topics from the world of piano-making and establish important contacts – and sometimes even lasting friendships.

The latest knowledge and practical expertise improve day-to-day servicing

One thing that virtually all participants in C. Bechstein training sessions agree on: The expert knowledge gained during the weekend of practical training can usually be put to use the very next working day. This is just one of the reasons – together with the fact that each training session focuses on different aspects – why participating in the C. Bechstein Weekends has become a tradition for many piano technicians.

When will you register with the C. Bechstein Technicians’ Academy?

There are still a few places available for the June event.

Date: Friday, 15 June to Sunday, 17 June 2018
Location: C. Bechstein manufactory in Seifhennersdorf, Saxony, Germany


See the 2018 “C. Bechstein Weekends” brochure for details.

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