New C. Bechstein Center opened in Nuremberg

The C. Bechstein Group continues to grow and opens a new store in Nuremberg. Located at Lorenzer Platz 29 and covering 725 square meters, the new C. Bechstein Center features more than thirty grands as well as forty uprights and digital pianos.

October 19, 2021

The new C. Bechstein Center in Nuremberg is located near the famous St Lawrence Church. Visitors can test seventy instruments displayed on two levels connected by an elegant spiral staircase. Alexander Kerstan and Benjamin Stöckle, both master piano makers, provide expert advice to customers interested in the wide range of instruments offered by the group, from upright pianos for beginners to concert grands for professional pianists. The instruments of the brands C. Bechstein, W.Hoffmann and Zimmermann are presented in rooms with beautifully designed interiors of European oak flooring and refined lighting that create a pleasant atmosphere. All instruments are available for rent.

The new C. Bechstein Center is located in Nuremberg’s banking district, and therefore had to include a suitable space: the C. Bechstein Treasury, a studio with two uprights that especially invite duo players, as well as a high-end grand that can be tested extensively. The premises of the new C. Bechstein Center also include a workshop run by a master piano maker who can perform minor repairs or prepare pianos rented for concerts.

In order to stimulate the cultural life of Bavaria’s second largest city, the Bechstein team in Nuremberg organizes various music-related events, including a workshop for children called “The Little Piano Makers”. Alexander Kerstan, manager of the new C. Bechstein Center, stated: “It’s a pleasure for us to contribute to enliven the music scene in the city of ‘The Master Singers’. We welcome all fans of sound excellence to our center at Lorenzer Platz!”.


Address and contact

C. Bechstein Centrum Nürnberg

Lorenzer Platz 29

90402 Nuremberg, Germany

Phone: +49 91 12 11 02 235

Mail: nuernberg@bechstein.de



The C. Bechstein Group

C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik Berlin/C. Bechstein Europe

The instruments of the C. Bechstein brand, manufactured by a company founded in Berlin in 1853 by Carl Bechstein, are known as the top of the line in upright and grand pianos. Today, they are produced in a factory in Seifhennersdorf, Saxony. C. Bechstein Europe, a subsidiary based in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic, manufactures the W.Hoffmann pianos. All of these instruments are sold through a worldwide network of partner stores as well as through the sixteen C. Bechstein Centers managed directly by the company in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. With more than six hundred employees and a turnover of sixty-five million euros in 2020, the C. Bechstein Group is Europe’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments.


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