C. Bechstein Award 2018 for merited dealers and importers

During Frankfurt Music Fair 2018 the C. Bechstein Award was granted to dedicated dealers and importers in different categories.

(Picture: Karl Schulze, Simon Pollard, Stefan Freymuth, Werner Albrecht, Markus Landolt, Christian Stühlmeyer and Ralf Dewor)

“Bechstein Meets Friends” was the title of an in-house exhibition and presentation during Frankfurt Music Fair 2018 at the C. Bechstein Center Frankfurt. The C. Bechstein team presented news on products and introduced marketing measures.

Ralf Dewor (CSO - Board of directors) honored afterwards the efforts and hard work of some of the international C. Bechstein partners, dealers and importers with the 2018 C. Bechstein achievement awards:

◉ Klaus Kreutzer (Leipzig Pianos, Germany) received the “award for outstanding success in the institutional business”

◉ Christian Stühlmeyer (Pianohaus Kemp, Germany) was awarded with the “award for outstanding performance in C. Bechstein marketing activities”

◉ Markus Landolt (Musica Nova, Switzerland) received the “award for outstanding performance in distribution”

◉ Simon Pollard (Miller’s Music, Great Britain) received the “award for outstanding performance as a Newcomer”

Congratulations to all laureates!