A summer in Marienbad: Chopin sounds in Bohemia

C. Bechstein is main partner of the 63rd International Chopin Festival in Marienbad.

Because of an unfulfilled love, Frédéric Chopin traveled to Marienbad, the well-known spa town in West Bohemia, in 1836. Chopin came full of hope, but the summer brought him little luck: it was cold in Mariánské Lázně and his relationship with his girlfriend did not develop as Chopin had imagined.

Piano lovers from all over the world are luckier: every summer in Mariánské Lázně they can indulge their love for the brilliant composer and pianist: the international Fryderyk Chopin Festival has been taking place here since 1959 with internationally renowned artists and conductors. Since 1962, the festival has been supplemented every two years by a piano competition in which only works by Chopin are played. A number of excellent young musicians have already performed, who soon made a name for themselves in the entire music world.

In 2021, C. Bechstein was the official partner of the International Chopin Festival for the first time. We are very pleased to be able to participate in the 63rd edition from August 13th to 20th. To be present at this important cultural festival in 2022 with concert grand pianos from Bechstein.

At the ceremonial opening concert, the Canadian pianist Charles Richard-Hamelin and the West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Mariánské Lázně delighted the audience. The program included Chopin's Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in F minor, Op. 21, and Schumann's Symphony No. 3, the "Rhenish".

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