Influencers of Resonance: Matyáš Novák

On May 29, 2023, Matyáš Novák will perform works by Schubert and Liszt at the St Agnes Concent.


“Franz Liszt is one of the composers I admired even as a child. When I was little I longed to play (and played) all those obviously virtuosic compositions, like Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2. Over time, I discovered other compositions besides those replete with technical intricacies – intimate works coursing with inner strength and poetic magnificence. To date, as a pianist I have studied some seventy compositions by Liszt, counting both original works and transcriptions or reminiscences. It is hard to narrow this wealth of repertoire down to fit the programme of a single recital. In the end I chose a combination of original compositions by Franz Liszt and his transcription of Franz Schubert’s exquisite song cycle Swan Song. I trust that this music will have just as wondrous an impact on the audience as it does on me.”

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