C. Bechstein Renovation

Breathing music into historical jewels

Historical grand pianos are charged with history, a unique sound character and reflect the splendor of earlier times - they deserve a second life

At C. Bechstein Renovation we repair, renew and overhaul grand pianos manufactured mainly from the beginning of the 20th century onwards – not limited to C. Bechstein pianos. In our manufactory, located in the heart of a historic European piano building region – Hradec Králové, Czech Republic – skilled craftsmen with many years of experience in carpentry and piano making renovate grand pianos – equipped with the best technical equipment available.

Breathe new life into your grand piano or choose from a wide range of historical grand pianos with a story to tell – all skillfully renovated by the expert C. Bechstein craftsmen.

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Our Service

Sound body

◉ Repair and repainting of the cast iron plate

◉ Repair of cracked soundboards

◉ Repair of cracked bridges with renewal of the bridge cap

◉ Renewal of strings and tuning pins


Keyboard and action

◉ Refurbishment of the keyboard, including bushing and key tops

◉ Renewal of hammer heads and action parts

◉ Fine action regulation and voicing for perfect touch and tone


Case work

◉ Refinishing in high gloss or satin

◉ Renewal and repair of veneer

◉ Renewal and repair of wood parts

The C. Bechstein Renovation Promise

We take great pride in breathing music back into beloved,
historical instruments.
Consequently, each piano – regardless if it is a commissioned renovation or a
renovated stock instrument – comes with an individual documentation of the
renovation process and an official guarantee certificate.


C. Bechstein Renovation
C. Bechstein Renovation
Bratří Štefanů 1057
50003 Hradec Králové