Residence R 6 Style Residence R 6 Style C. Bechstein Concert C. Bechstein Concert 60'' / 153 cm cm 25.5' / 65 cm cm 549 lbs / 249 cm 49.6'' / 126 cm kg new Upright

Residence R 6 Style

C.Bechstein Residence

Optimal proportions with superb sound

This acoustic instrument is Bluetooth MIDI capable.


Residence R 6 Style

C.Bechstein Residence

Optimal proportions with superb sound

This acoustic instrument is Bluetooth MIDI capable.



Optimal proportions with superb sound

With the C. Bechstein Residence R 6 Style upright piano, our R&D department has realized a fascinating vision of versatility. Its imposing size and optimal proportions produce a volume that resonates in a music room, however large it might be. At the same time, it displays a wonderfully sophisticated, virtuosic character. The end result is a gentle giant, a grandiose companion with which to explore any genre of music.

Artful sound and touch

The touch and sound instantly exemplify the experience and principles of C. Bechstein grand piano construction which have flown into the Residence R 6 Style upright piano, from construction to voicing. These merits notwithstanding, the Residence R 6 Style has its imposing shape to thank for its radiance and voluminous sound. The optimised leverage in the action creates an exceptionally pleasing, professional touch and makes it possible to interpret a wide range of music genres.

A design brimming with self-confidence and elegance

Distinguished self-confidence is a hallmark of the Residence R 6 Style design: its stately size and elegantly rounded contours harmonise with loving fine details to produce a unique overall composition. Alternative finish options are available besides polished black – ask your dealer about availability in each case.

Fabulous masterpieces for the highest demands, the ideal sound of many pianists worldwide. The perfect action renders every nuance. Unsurpassed excellence.


C. Bechstein Concert upright piano

8 months, 180 hours

Instruments with perfect voice and touch that offer maximum sound volume and freedom of interpretation

Soundboard made of mountain spruce grown slowly at elevations of 1,000 meters and higher in Val di Fiemme, Dolomites (similar to the tonewood used by Antonio Stradivari).

The sound board fashioned as a membrane with its projection surface adjusted to the instrument’s particular acoustic assembly, like in violin-making.

Sound bodies made of finest spruce, mahogany, pine and sycamore maple.

The special composition of the cast iron, its materials and the particular form of the frame itself dampen its own vibrations and boost the string energy, thereby warranting the the transmission of sound at high speed.

The high-precision coupling of the cast-iron frame and the wooden parts of the acoustic assembly keeps the frame’s resonance to a minimum.

Agraffes ensure precise positioning of the strings for all 88 tones. This solution in use for 163 years contributes to the exceptional richness of the C. Bechstein pianos.

The bridges are made of high-quality German solid red beech using state-of-the-art engineering and CNC technology.

Precision down to a hundredth of a millimeter guarantees perfect transmission of sound and frequencies to the soundboard and ensure a clear sound projection.

Reinforced dovetail joints.

Several layers of carefully selected solid wood (5-millimeter maple layers in the Concert 8 upright).

Durable, resilient keyboard with ideal lever ratio that meets professional touch requirements at the highest levels.

Black keys covered with ebony wooden tops. White keys: high-quality mineral key-tops available as an option. Keyboard designed by the C. Bechstein R&D department.

Precise, highly complex professional action made up of 2,000 parts, engineered and designed in accordance with C. Bechstein’s Keyboard and Action Engineering and Geometry standards for the most stringent requirements on precision and reliability.

The hammerheads made by C. Bechstein Germany deliver excellent dynamic possibilities and a wealth of nuances.

Materials: walnut core for a colorful, voluminous, distinct and precise sound, covered with felt made in Germany of New Zealand wool using a secret, traditional method.

A superior upright touch: The Optimum weight and friction coefficients achieved by using the latest engineering design technology.

Optimum repetition speed thanks to the use of highest quality materials and the ultra-precise assembly of the various parts.

Superior-precision in touch-weight distribution of the masses and spring tension for each individual tone.

Additional quality components enable optimum voicing.

Case manufactured at the C. Bechstein production site from some twenty top-quality parts.

Case manufactured at the C. Bechstein production site from some twenty top-quality parts. Elegant finish in every detail. Sophisticated technique used in applying high-gloss lacquer and applying the lacquer and producing its high-gloss finish through numerous manual sanding and polishing steps.

Residence R 6 Style Dimensions

Dimensions   H 49.6'' / 126 cm ×  W 60'' / 153 cm ×  D 25.5' / 65 cm   Weight   549 lbs / 249 kg
C. Bechstein Concert Residence R 6 Style

C. Bechstein Connect


C. Bechstein Concert Residence R 6 Style
C. Bechstein Manufactory Seifhennersdorf, Saxony

At the C. Bechstein manufactory, experienced piano-makers build instruments of exceptional quality, each of them provided with a distinctive musical personality. More than 170 years of piano-making expertise are a testimony to continuity and reliability.

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