"I am very grateful for the trust that C. Bechstein has shown in me. Thanks to C. Bechstein's support I was able to record my first album and play magnificent instruments, which were excellently prepared by highly committed people. For a young pianist, it is a gift to have the trust of such a prestigious brand. The C. Bechstein instruments make it easy for me to express myself."

– Myriam Barbaux-Cohen



Myriam Barbaux-Cohen received her first piano lessons in La Rochelle and won the "Premier Prix de musique de chambre et de piano" of the Gennevilliers Conservatory in 1999 and 2000. She continued her studies with Prof. Muza Rubackytė at the Conservatoire Rachmaninoff in Paris, where she then worked as an assistant of Rubackytės and received her concert diploma with honours in 2008.

In 2011 she was appointed professor. Myriam Barbaux-Cohen studied vocal music repertoire at the Conservatoire Parisien du Centre for a decade and became piano accompanist to choirs and vocal ensembles such as Ensemble Folia and Les Choeurs de Malestroits.

In 2009, she participated in the ICPA Master Class Sessions under the direction of Philippe Entremont with internationally renowned artists such as Jean-Philippe Collard, François-René Duchable and Michel Béroff and performed at concerts conducted by Nelson Delle-Vigne. Her sensitive interpretation and individual sound led her to engagements with the French Ministry of Finance in Bercy and to music festivals in Palm Beach, Funchal, Paris, Brussels and Taiwan.

Myriam's wide-ranging interest has led to membership of the Al Prago Quintet, a Tango Nuevo formation dedicated to the work of Astor Piazzolla.

Since moving to Germany, Myriam has performed at private concerts as well as concerts in support of charities. She teaches children and French-speaking youth in Frankfurt and is also dedicated to the musical education of people with autism and behavioral problems. 

Photos: © Antonin Cohen


Myriam Barbaux-Cohen: Mel Bonis

Ars Productions Myriam Barbaux-Cohen: Mel Bonis

Mel Bonis, one of the first women to study composition in Paris, where she was a fellow student with Claude Debussy, experienced an impressively eventful life as a mother and artist, wife and lover, in times of turmoil and war. All this is reflected in her multifaceted œuvre. French pianist Myriam Barbaux-Cohen has selected masterpieces by this fascinating composer for her new album, and sensitively and brilliantly narrates Mel Bonis' musical development in chronological order.

The highly romantic music is a true pleasure to listen to, excellently performed by Myriam Barbaux-Cohen on the C. Bechstein concert grand D282. Pizzicato magazine writes: "Myriam Barbaux-Cohen succeeds just as well in interpreting the charming pieces as the somewhat somber ones - La Cathrédale blessée, for example - in an atmospheric way. With a fine, clear touch, and nuances in both colors and dynamics, the pianist is able to keep the listener's interest throughout the entire program."

The album was recorded in January 2022 at the Kulturzentrum Immanuel in Wuppertal for the Ars Productions label.

Myriam Barbaux Cohen: Enrique Granados

Myriam Barbaux Cohen: Enrique Granados

In 2019, Myriam Barbaux-Cohen releases her first album - recorded on a C. Bechstein concert grand D 282, supported by C. Bechstein and funded through an engaging crowd funding campaign.