Julian Jaeyoung Kim

"C. Bechstein pianos deliver an exceptional touch and resonate with a deep, warm timbre, creating a uniquely special experience that sets them apart for pianists." 

- Julian Jaeyoung Kim

Julian Jaeyoung Kim is hailed as a marvelous virtuoso whose performances embody a deep sense of commitment and a relentless curiosity to uncover the true essence of the music.

Throughout his career, Julian has displayed exceptional artistry and technical prowess, captivating audiences with his soulful interpretations and remarkable command of the piano. His journey in the world of music has taken him to renowned competitions, such as the Edvard Grieg International Piano Competition in Norway, where he showcased his outstanding abilities and left a lasting impression on both judges and listeners.

Julian's dedication and talent have garnered him numerous accolades and prizes in international piano competitions. Notably, he has achieved first prizes in esteemed competitions such as the Orbetello International Piano Competition and the "Citta di Barletta" International Piano Competition in Italy. His exceptional performances have earned him second prize in the Juliusz Zarębski International Piano Competition in Poland and the "Citta di San Donà di Piave" International Piano Competition in Italy. Furthermore, Julian has advanced as a finalist or semi-finalist in prestigious competitions, including the Pietro Argento International Piano Competition, Verona International Piano Competition, George Gershwin International Piano Competition, Seattle International Piano Competition, and Campillos International Piano Competition.

Julian's career has been defined by awe-inspiring solo performances, serving as a platform to demonstrate their extraordinary virtuosity and musical prowess. Among the remarkable venues that have hosted Julian's talents are the renowned Ehrbar Saal and Mozarthaus in Vienna, Austria; the enchanting Troldhaugen Concert Hall in Bergen, Norway; the esteemed Teatro Jofre in Ferrol, Spain; the prestigious Bellini Theatre in Catania, Italy; and the esteemed G. Rossini Theatre in Pesaro, Italy. Furthermore, Julian's captivating artistry has deeply moved audiences in distinguished settings like Carnegie Hall City of New York, USA.

photos: © Jake Choi & Caroline Jin